Power of a Dollar

I sent out crisp one dollar bills to several friends and family and asked what they would do with a dollar and the outpour and stories of what people did with their dollar bills were so great I wanted to share them:
This is my 102 year old grandmother - she loved her Jack in the Box tacos!
- Sharon P.

This was our dollar. I hid it for someone to find! Couldn't stay to see who got it!
- Allison G.

"I'd buy my dog a toy at the dollar store!"
- Amy C.

"I took the dollar and bought a raffle ticket to support Heritage Christian School."
- Mindy C ​​​​​​​
"Inspired to pass this ONE along. Hope it travels far and wide. Thanks Jean Lindley Kaiser@thekaisergroup #powerofadollar. 🍀
- Anita S.
"Thanks to The Kaiser Group for the first dollar in our baby’s “piggy bank” savings box! And auntie Shana for the box!"

- Jocelyn W.
"Used your buck to help buy the next person's drink this morning. #powerofadollar#thekaisergroup" — at Kaffee Meister - Santee Coffeehouse.
- Mike A.
"A surprise at sprouts!"
- Becca H.
"Thank you Jean Lindley Kaiser of The Kaiser Group for sending me the dollar. I gave it to my publicist Jennifer Coburn who volunteers with Reality Changers. She's putting together ACT Test snack bags. $1 will buy a Clif Bar. It might just power up one of her student's brains to help get them accepted into the college of his/her choice."
- Jill H.

Some written responses:

"I employed three of the ideas together. 1) I wrote some little notes on it. 2) I spent it on bubbles and seeds. 3) I blow bubbles between classes and spread joy throughout our campus. It is amazing how effective that is. Students love to chase them and pop them. It nearly always brings a smile to their faces. (Maybe if there were more bubbles on campuses there would be less shootings) 4) The seeds will hopefully grow into some beautiful flowers that will also bring joy to those who see them."
- Paul H.

"Hi Friend, I used the $ to tip the barista in the coffee shop in Pine Valley and I didn't even have coffee. ☺️"
- Kim R.

"...I gave my $ to my cleaning woman's son who's saving for an iPhone. He was thrilled."
- Alexis L.

"We gave your dollar this morning to our little grandson - he was happy telling parents that will buy ice cream in the movie theater 🍦 😄 Thank you Jean, you made his day👍🙏"
-Grayr K.

"My dad also got a dollar. He actually got two stuck together so he paid for parking when I was driving to watch his grandkids play in a varsity vs alumni basketball game. We tried to to take a picture of the dollar going it but it was too fast!"
- Fred P.